Monday, May 19, 2014


First of all, Happy thanksgiving everyone ! Perth is getting hotter lately, especially yesterday and today, the maximum heat was like 37°C. Well, sometimes the heat can reach up to 42°C around december and january.

I know, when it's sunny, we should avoid wearing black clothings to reduce the heat. But today i couldn't help myself to wear this black top, just because of the collar that i ordered few weeks ago on ebay :) 

Brown (June and Julia Shopping Vouchers Giveaway) // CLOSED

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
I was persuading my friend to buy litas in black :P Photobucket
Today I went to my fave Korean restaurant for lunch and also interviewed the owner of the restaurant as a part of my assignment :) Photobucket

As I mentioned on the last post, I'd like to do a giveaway, so here it is, in this giveaway, I'd like to give TWO of the winners shopping vouchers of Rp 250,000 or $25 at June and Julia. (so Rp 500,000 or $50 for both :D)

This giveaway open INTERNATIONALLY

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Another outfit post ! woot woot. I wore brown colour from head to toe two days ago. Actually i wanted to post it yesterday but i didnt have enough energy to do so. Ive been exhausted these days. Im sleep deprived. I couldnt do my assignments in the afternoon since i need to accompany my fam, the only time i can do is at night after they are sleeping, so it would be around 12am. If you are wondering why this post titled chocolate, it's not only because i was wearing brown colour from head to toe, but i also ate chocolate like hell too on that day.

PFF '11 - Magdalena Velevska

Last night i went to Magdalena Velevska's show, it was my first time to watch 9pm show during PFF. Arrived there at 8.30 but still, the show was behind the schedule, it started at 9.30pm and finished around 10pm. I was seated at the fourth row but suddenly the staffs told us that i could move to the third row, so i could took better pics ! yeay!

Thing that i love from this show is actually those colour block dresses are glow in the dark ! i got the pictures of it but unfortunately all of it are blur.

After the show ,i met Farrah of DISTRIKMODE too, she is so friendly ! but i forgot to take pic with her.


Been a while since my last outfit post! So here it is ! This is the outfit that i wore few days ago to Dana Mathers' show. Actually the ribbon comes from another top but i took it of to 'complete' my look. I'll just leave the rest of the post to you, need to rush assignments which due on this weekend. I wish i could sleep now, im freezing, Its 12.30am and 7 degrees now. what's with the weather today ?! i'snt it spring ?! Oh well, at least tomorrow will be my day off :D


Yay for today ! This weekend gonna be great since my mom and dad are coming here, so im gonna pick them up at the airport this afternoon. This house is gonna be so full ! My grandma has been staying here for three weeks and i can feel that my tummy is getting bigger these days, she always cooks yummy foods that i cant say 'no' for it. I feel like gained 2kgs already, if my mom and dad are here, im pretty sure i can gain more weight, since my dad loves to eat out.
I want to eat a lot without gaining weight (what a stupid statement!) Do not tell me to exercise, i dont like sweating. hahaha